About Pillars

kymfrotI have come to love and embrace this passage in Psalm 144, simply because it is a wonderful expression of the Women’s ministry. In both ancient and modern times, pillars represent structures built for the sole purpose of strengthening or supporting other structures. In essence that is the thrust behind this ministry. We are to come alongside women to support, strengthen and encourage them in the solid foundation upon which they stand ~ Jesus Christ and His Word (1Cor.3:11).
Interestingly, a pillar consists of three main parts, which can parallel three essentials of a spiritual woman. First is the Base - This is the lower part of the pillar upon which all of its weight is balanced. In terms of ministry, this would be the Word of God. Everything we do and teach must stem from one solid foundation - God’s Word. Apart from a strong commitment to the Word of God the ministry is nothing more then a motivational meeting. But when given the place of priority, when taught and applied, God’s Word is life changing. Therefore it must be the bedrock of our ministry. READ MORE..

Course Setters


Course Setters is a verse by verse study of the book of James written by Kym Hindt. Through each chapter, we will learn the challenge and conquest of a spiritual runner. Available from the Calvary Houston Bookstore for $12.95. Buy



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Please join us for women's intercessory prayer. 2nd and 4th Wednesday from 6:00 - 6:30 pm in the Nursing Mother's room (off the Ladies Room in the sanctuary building).